Privacy Policies

We generally collect information for the identification of our customers which includes name and email address. In case if you purchase any of our package than we collect some more information like telephone number and address for payment and communication purpose.

We use information you provide to us to fulfill your requirements and to improve our services. We do not share you personal information with any other person or third party vendors. In future we may use our subscribed users email to send new offers and newsletters.

No, we respect privacy of our customers so we do not share any information of our customer with any person or any third party vendors. It is against our “Privacy Policy” and we do not share our customers information in any circumstances.

Your browser use “cookies” and if you allow it than it stores small amount of data on your computer when you visit any website. It depends on you if you want to enable or disable “cookies” which can be done in your browser settings. “Cookies” helps us to customize our website according to your preferences as it tells us our which product you like most. You will still be able to view our website even if you disable “Cookies”.

Right now we do not have any external links on our website but in future we may offer links of some websites which rate our products and services so we can help you to give an idea about our products and services.

We recommend you read our “Privacy Policies” when you visit our website as we may occasional update our privacy policies to comply with changing environment. However we will update our existing customers by sending an email about the changes in “Privacy policies”.